About Us

Hi there,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and this website.  We are finding that keeping up with all our community and parenting stuff is getting pretty complicated- and we only have one child!

We thought that the people we know and our friends know and their friends know  etc. from Rutherford could use a place to go to post and receive information easily.

We own and develop internet web sites, meetings and applications and this is our new message board community offering [Forum on the Net]. For that reason we are able to make this web forum available- no strings,no charge. 

Please take a moment and register and poke around the info. It's just a beginning but it has the potential to be alot of fun and a great tool to keep in touch. 

If you have any questions or comments please call us at 201-935-6047 or email jay@birchwoodgroup.com. We would welcome suggestions!

Jay and Nancy Benkovich

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